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Emily Hill


Calling all single Londoners, get ready for the summer of love

Swiping right for alfresco fun, or have you got FODA (*fear of dating again)? Still using a Covid chat-up line or are you back with the ex? The intrepid Emily Hill reports from the frontline (warning — it’s a jungle out there)

May 7, 2021
The Escapist

Sex and the city (in lockdown): it’s boom time for black-market dating

From freezing park liaisons to burst romantic bubbles, here, Emily Hill writes about her quest for the perfect match

Nov 27, 2020

Why dating just got (very) political

Forget masks or social distancing, the real issue stopping you meeting the love of your life might just be your politics. A battle-worn Emily Hill reports from the dating frontline

Sep 29, 2020
ES Magazine

How dating apps killed love in London

Dating apps may now be the default when it comes to finding ‘The One’, but Londoners are increasingly turned off by online matchmakers because they’ve stripped away the romance, says Emily Hill

Feb 5, 2020
ES Magazine

The rise of sex machines

It sounds like science fiction — but thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, sex robots are becoming big business. Do they spell the end of romance? And might we soon be falling in love with machines? Emily Hill investigates 

Feb 21, 2018
ES Magazine

Why single women aren't hanging around waiting for Prince Charming

We’re revelling in our happily never afters, says Emily Hill

Feb 8, 2018
ES Magazine

Is Scientology having a second coming?

Scientology is back in the headlines, after followers set up a tent outside a Grenfell relief centre and an affiliate group was found offering anti-drugs lectures in schools. Emily Hill reports

Aug 10, 2017
ES Magazine

How to live forever - if you're rich enough

The Emily Hill investigates the booming immortality industry and asks if one day money might not just buy you the best things in life, but life itself

Jun 30, 2017