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Hanna Hanra


‘Being a woman in the indie sleaze era was tough’

Noughties nostalgia is going viral, but it wasn’t the utopia social media would have you believe, says Hanna Hanra

Feb 4, 2022

How to break up with your phone for good

Stuck at home  with her screen time out of control, Hanna Hanra knew it was time  to break the vicious scrolling cycle. She shares her journey towards a healthier phone relationship 

Jan 14, 2021

What Christmas is like when you’re still in the closet

Enchanted by the much-talked-about Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis romcom, Hanna Hanra reflects on festive trips home as a not-quite-out lesbian 

Dec 11, 2020
ES Magazine

Why Harris Reed's gender-fluid creations will be everywhere in 2019

The fashion designer who is still halfway through a BA in fashion at Central Saint Martins has dressed Harry Styles and walked the Gucci catwalk

Jul 3, 2019
ES Magazine

Mark Ronson on how the pain of divorce has led to his best music yet

Hot on the heels of an Oscar win, Mark Ronson’s new album is inspired by his divorce. Hanna Hanra meets this generation’s biggest hit-maker 

May 24, 2019
ES Magazine

Get to know Sex Education star Emma Mackey

Emma Mackey had never had a major role before Sex Education, but after 40 million people watched it she has the world at her feet. Hanna Hanra meets a 23-year-old on the rise


Apr 3, 2019